Mountain biking in Limburg

Fancy a sporty day out with family and/or friends? What about a nice trip on an MTB, crossing the beautiful countryside of  Limburg? In Limburg, you will find an extended network of mountain bike routes.

De routes are linked to networks in The Netherlands, Flemish Brabant and Antwerp.  Within a radius of 45 km of the ‘Keyartmolen’, you will find a real mountain biking paradise,  as well for starters as for well-trained MTB-ers. From fast tracks to single tracks:  in Limburg, you can find them all.

We provide a lockable bike shed, a high-pressure cleaner and a compressor to clean and dry you bike, a bike repairing stand, necessary tools, washing machine and drying rack for clothing.

You don’t have your own MTB? No problem, you can rent one at our place.

Mountain bike routes

There are several adventurous mountain bike tracks in the environment of the ‘Keyartmolen’:

In October 2016, a brand new network of 160 km has been opened!

Mountain biking in Limburg, some mood videos

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Official MTB route Hoge Kempen / Duinengordel
Source: / My MTB Guide

Official MTB route Heusden-Zolder
Source: / My MTB Guide

Official MTB route Bocholt
Source: / My MTB Guide

Official MTB route Bilzen blauwe & groene lus
Source: / My MTB Guide